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What shape of dart flight is best dart


Choosing dart flights is a very important factor in your dart set-up .  Time should be taken in choosing the correct shape for your throwing style.

Standard flights are used by most new dart players, they are more efficient because they have a larger surface area. They tend to be more forgiving for darts thrown at an angle to the board because the larger surface area catches the air and straightens them up.

But this  does not mean they would be the best choice you.

The slim or coalcracker flight as they are known we have found are best for lighter darts as  they tend to cut through the air quicker.  They were actually developed for soft tip darts which at most are 18gm

If your darts tend to hit the board at an angle and you wish to correct this then try using bigger flights

Some of the shapes I believe are just for looks like the heart shape seldom used by excellent players but used in many social groups for how cool they look.

You must also take into account the length of shaft size with the flight

I would  recommend trying all shapes of flight at least once and also various lengths of stems so that you can determine what’s best for you. You may even decide on flights with a smaller surface area and long or medium stems.

Ideally, you want your darts to hit the board at a perfectly flat angle, or with the flight pointing slightly upwards, not more than 5-10 degrees to achieve this try three factors, dart shape, shaft length and different dart.

The cheapest way to experiment is with the dart flights


Sandi in the Dart Industry

BCE entered Canada in late 1970’s and approached Family Recreation Centre about selling their pool tables and darts.  Prior to that time we knew nothing about the game of darts. 

We started like most people and did not know anything about darts, that shafts break and flights need to be changed.  We quickly learned the game from our customers and playing.

When we opened our store in St. Catharines we quickly became the place to buy your darts.  Don Crookshanks from Falcon darts took a great interest in our store and taught us that players must all try the darts before they buy.  We installed a dartboard for all players to try out the darts and learned how to assist players in weights, shapes and lengths for each player

We started a fun for players on Valentines Day.  It quickly became a social event of the year with over 60 teams  participating.  We handed over the tournmant to the legions to continue. 

Valentines dart tournament at Branch 350

In the late 80’s many youth were coming into the store with no place to play.  We started the St. Catharines Youth Dart league with 4 players.  The league had a  Canadian Champions in Jeff Kompon,  and many Ontario Championships David Munro, Jeff Butt, Keith Maccuish to name a few.  We took the youth to many tournaments in Ontario and held our own during the grape and wine.  Boy did we score alot of dart games in thoses years as we allowed children as low as 9 into the league with little math skills.  They sure did learn how to add, subtract and multiply after they finished playing.  Many still come into the store today with their children

Youth Dart league in local parade

During that time we had many helpers and handed over the league to them organizing the Ontario Championship in Niagara Falls that year.  We still sponsor the youth leagues.

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