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Sandi in the billiard Industry

I was born in 1958 to Stanley and Ruth Kozak in Simcoe Ontario.  At birth her Grandparents Roy and Lena Whitehead together owned and operated Norfolk Recreation.  Stanley Kozak also worked in the billiard room racking balls, recovering pool tables, repairing cues and more. 

My Grandparents pool room in Simcoe Ontario with Brunswick Anniversary pool tables

 In the early 1970’s the Kozak’s were approached by Brunswick Billiards to start a Brunswick authorized franchised store for home snooker and pool tables.  Since Stanley had been working on old antique tables and reselling old tables for another of years and Ruth has a thriving business  knowledge they decided to give it a try.  It was a huge success with many truckloads of pool tables being delivered. 

Ruth and Stanley Kozak in 1970’s at billiard display
“Sandi’s parents”

 To help with the delivery of the truckloads of tables Stanley engaged Sandi’s boyfriend at the time Gary Chard.  That was Gary’s first introduction to pool tables.

 In  1977, I  attended McMaster University and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree and decided to join the family business after marriage to Gary Chard.

Gary learned the craft from Stanley on new and used antique tables.  I did most of the selling of the tables.

Norfolk County Fair display of pool tables

In 1983 we decided we would like to start our own Family Recreation Centre and choose St. Catharines, Ontario to start our business. 

Sandi Chard 2012

 There you have it how we got started in the billiard industry


And so it begins!

Hello and welcome to my world

Everyone tells you to write something about the billiard world since you have been involved almost since the day you were born. Hopefully these blogs will let you know what I have seen and you get tell me if you agree or disagree. So let’s begin

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