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June 2, 2015

Bar Stool Height or Counter Height-What height should my kitchen stools be?

by familyrecreationcentre

When purchasing bar stools or counter stools many customers arrive at  the store with no idea what height they should purchase for their new kitchen counter.

Stools come in a variety of height


counter stools- 24″-26″

bar stools-30″

spectator stools 34″

But it is the two middle counter and barstools that people get confused on.  The easy for myself to quickly determine which height you require it is your kitchen sink the same height as your counter or higher.


These chairs are counter height-see the sink in picture.  The counter is roughly 34-36″


These stools are bar height.  You will see the counter is raised to 42″ the same as a regular sitting bar


Some of the new designs of kitchens are chair height.  Which is your regular dining room height.

The height of the stool should be 10″ to 12″ from the height of your counter to your stool is another way but quite often we arrive at the store without our height of our counter which is why I have come to use the kitchen sink rule of thumb.

Counter 24″ -26″ should I be concerned?

I find many of the stools use the inches of a stool but when I measure than they are not exactly those measurements.  In fact we have two stools in the stools one saying 24″ one that say it is 26″ and they are the same height.

The spectator stool which is 34″ is used usually around pool tables.  We have encountered a few bars that have been built as a standing bar not a sitting bar which requires this height of a stool  The bar is usually 46″ in height.  Unfortunately not all stools come in this height and they are usually an additional charge of around $50.00 for this higher height


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