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August 29, 2012


How to determine the size of a pool table

by familyrecreationcentre

Many customers contact us saying our pool table is 5’x 9′ and after discussing with them there is no such size as that are confused.

Here is a simple guide to determine the size of your pool table.

Measure the inside playing area of the pool table.  That means from the inside rubber of the table straight down not under the rail to the other size.  The length is always 2x the width of the pool table.  Knowing that fact also helps you in determining your angles when playing pool.  The table is actually two perfect squares

You cannot measure the outside of the table as designs whether modern or antique have rails today 5″to 10 “in width.

Sorry for you that measure in metric pool tables are always measured in inches.


Typical pool table sizes are:

6′-32″x 64″”
7′ — 38″ x 76″
8′ — 44″ x 88″-most common
Pro 8′ — 46″ x 92″ -usually commercial or antique tables-also dufferin billiards
9′ — 50″ x 100″

Snooker tables usually come in a 5 x 10 or 6 x 12 however they can come in smaller sizes and the pocket determines whether pool or snooker.


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  1. Jul 30 2015

    Hi I have a small problem after measuring my pool table that I intend to sell I have found that it is none of the sizes you talk about above

    37 ins by 73 ins , now is that a 6 ft table or a 6ft 2 ins table

    • It is probably a 3 1/2 x 7. Another way to measure correctly is the centre slate pocket to pocket. If it measures 36″it is a 3 1/2 x 7.

  2. Aug 31 2016

    I wish I found this guide last year when I bought larger pool table 🙂


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